Uncle Sam: A History of  Evolution
In 2018 Uncle Sam supports ethics in government, business, and
private life as the basis for human success. However, this famous
image has experienced many social changes. The origin comes from a
real person, Samuel Wilson owner of a meat packing busi-
ness who during the War of 1812, supplied free food to starving 
soldiers, grandparents, women and children. The food barrels were stamped “U.S.” for the United States. Hungry people overjoyed to 
receive food yelled out, "The Uncle Sam's have arrived!"
In 1813 Uncle Sam's image was recognized as the generosity and
wisdom of a newly forming US Federal Government. Artists began to draw
cartoons of in different ways.  Thomas Nast was the first to paint
images of Sam with a white beard and a Stars and Stripes suit.
 As World War I approached James Montgomery Flagg (as a joke) 
painted his own face into the next image of Uncle Sam. In this version Sam was pointing straight at the viewer asking the question “What Are You Doing For Preparedness of War?” In 1917 Flagg’s Uncle Sam reappeared as a poster with the  caption “I Want You.” This poster was used all throughout World War I. Today Uncle Sam is one of the most popular images on the inter-net. The current image was created by a
team of citizens for a better world, USA Thinking Team.com