"Ethics In a Language Easy to Understand." 

We Want You To Understand, SEXUAL  Ethics

IS Important !

Equally important is  leaders in business, banking and
government who choose the glitter of greed over the 
greater good. when the majority of their nation is  angry, 
fearful or worried, the leadership required to  transcend
this has failed. Every adult has experienced the damage 
that greed, war and violence can do. In 1776 as the 
United States was forming all 56 founding fathers agreed
 God Almighty was guiding them toward a constitution 
well-grounded in faith, ethics and generosity to all. 
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​​Contracting SDT is not a nice experience! 

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​Improving Quality of Life 

Uncle Sam:  "America will be a great nation
when it is free of disease, hatred, worry and fear. As of 2020 the USA has: an epidemic number of 
venereal diseases among children and young adults,
it has the highest number of children murdered by 
other children and a very high number of homeless
 parents, a failure of not just government but in a 
citizen´s willingness to be responsible.