American Ethics

In support of the worldwide LGBT Q community,

Critics: This may be the most important theater event of the year.

In support of the worldwide LGBT Q community, God says: Matthew 19:11 Do not judge, do not condemn, let he who can understand understand, ..... "Funny, profound fulfilling theater, we love her, we know she loves us." A Girl Named Gay  now shares the stage with the extra-ordinary comedian, "Miss Emaculate Conception" in January 2017. This program supports safe sex education and medical assistance for families with AIDs. If your community needs the program,  please contact us at your earliest convenience. (A fund raising charity event).

Safe Sex Education Comes To Mexico.

In a unique and significant way Sydney Gay volunteers along with "That's Entertainment"  to raise  funds for safe sex education in Jalisco. in 2017 100,000 pesos will employ educators to go into the classrooms and community centers.
The goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and help Mexican youth to understand the dangers of HIV and AIDS. 
A special evening of fun and fund raising for this cause begins at 6pm, on stage at the Auditorio de Riberas, Saturday, January 21st. An inspirational opening act "A Girl Named Gay." which sweetly reveals the truth of living in a dangerous world, Definitely a fun fund raiser for a very special cause.