Giving Voice To The Silenced.
Sydney Gay Kislevitz, active in international goodwill missions
 1977-2017 (forty years).   Sydney helps charity and  church groups with abused people issues, which includes safe sex for youth and LGBTQ communities, Although Sydney works in the name of Christ, she is unbiased, non-sectarian; regardless of religious beliefs, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, animists, and atheists are encouraged to find courage, to seek truth, to embrace higher intelligence.  This work includes teenagers trapped in sexual slavery and children with parents in prison.      
        Sydney’s Background: Born 1943 New Orleans. After graduating from Hoffman Institute 1961 she became a specialist at the Medical Arts Center in New York treating hundreds of traumatized female patients.  1977-2017 
Nazarene Church, Garrison Ho me for  girls trapped into sexual enslavement, Saint Peters Church, New York City, HIV-AIDS Ministry,
1981 Veterans Administration Hospital programs
, Education Through Entertainment Programs, USA Thinking Team International Missions. 
       If you would like Sydney to speak to your church, business, organization, or conference, please contact International USATeam  office in Ajijic Jalsico Mexico Tel:-01-52.376.766.4442 or  We prefer the event be attended by at least 100-150 people, and request that the person or organization cover Sydney’s speaking fees and travel expenses.

In support of the worldwide LGBT Q community, God says: Matthew 19:11 Do not judge, do not condemn, let he who can understand understand, ..... "Funny, profound fulfilling theater, we love her, we know she loves us." A Girl Named Gay  now shares the stage with the extra-ordinary comedian, "Miss Emaculate Conception" in January 2017. This program supports safe sex education and medical assistance for families with AIDs. If your community needs the program,  please contact us at your earliest convenience. (A fund raising charity event).

"Ethics Begins By Understanding The Power Of The Words You Use."

David Darling, an internationally celebrated cellist and co-founder of Music for the People supported by USAThinkingTeam, offers a  Music Leadership Program (MLP)
 MLP  leadership is a four-year program that places equal emphasis on musicianship development in improvisation and workshop facilitation in small and large groups. The first years of the program teach comfort and confidence in improvisational music in solo and group settings, within an increasing variety of musical styles from around the world and throughout history. 

Music for The People Workshops 
For All Ages: Unskilled amateur to professional,
affordable tuition, food, and housing provided,
certified teacher training programs,  
available in locations across the United States and in Europe,
Recommended by our USA  Team staff as a high-quality character-building experience.



                           Safe Sex Education Comes To Mexico.

In a unique and significant way, Sydney Gay

volunteers along with "That's Entertainment"  

To raise funds for safe sex education in Jalisco. In 2017, 100,000 pesos went to the classrooms and community centers to help Mexican youth to understand the dangers of HIV and AIDS.