​​Improving Quality of Life One Day At A Time


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Uncle Sam’s Job Is
To Guide American Citizens toward Greatness.
To Teach All Of Us How To Live Successfully 
Without Prejudice, Stress, Fear Or Worry.
If You Listen You Will Learn

Words are the heart of human exchange. 
If our words are not intelligible to one another
we are going to misunderstand one another.
If we are going to misunderstand one another,
not only are errors going to be made,
but conflict will inevitably arise
and this is as true of individuals as it can be of nations.
Samuel Johnson

We can do this!


American Ethics

Let's Renew the Spirit of America...

Greatness begins with your sincerity, the basics of a wonderful country,
the success of your personal life, peace, kindness, hope, faith,
fearless generosity, honesty, this all begins "first with you."
Remember always: what you give is what you will receive.


The basic character of good living is gratitude for the opportunity to
help one another have better lives.
 All People enjoy being treated well.
This is not rocket science, it is simple basic truth.
All success comes from an attitude of honoring people; there is no trickery to giving a person something of genuine value.